Mi vida en España

(My life in Spain) by Erin Elaine

Zaanse Shans, Holland

Zaanse Shans is an outdoor museum full of 300-yr-old windmills that have been carefully kept in working order. You can even go inside and see grain or spices or dyes … Continue reading

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I’ve been feeling pulled in two opposite directions lately, though one direction is definitely winning out – and I’ve been trying to figure out why. On one hand, I absolutely … Continue reading

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Waterland, North Holland

At the beginning of February I went to Amsterdam for 3 days. During my first day there, I visited three small towns in a region called Waterland, just north of … Continue reading

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Future Travel Wishlist (Europe)

Here is a wishlist of places I still haven’t been to in Europe. Since all of my travel through the end of the summer has already been planned, these amazing … Continue reading

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Spanish Skills – March 2014

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Parque Quinta de los Molinos, Madrid

There’s a great park on Line 5 where you can see acres and acres of almond trees in bloom, if you go during 1 week at the beginning of spring. … Continue reading

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Advice for Living Abroad – Homesickness

This is the latest in my series regarding advice for living abroad. Past entries include: Language | Culture One of the biggest fears people have regarding living abroad is homesickness. … Continue reading

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana (pop. 280k) is the capital of Slovenia, a tiny country wedged between Italy, Austria, and Croatia. I really enjoyed this city – it has a laid-back, quirky, homey vibe … Continue reading

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Self Discipline: Budgeting for Travel

I recently read a blog post titled How I Afford Travel: badass trips on a not-so-badass budget. I thought it contained a lot of great tips about fitting your dream … Continue reading

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Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is a tiny country wedged between Croatia, Italy, and Austria. Lake Bled is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful (no motors allowed!) lake at the foothills of the Julian Alps. … Continue reading

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Only in Spain…

…do they take the retirement age of 65 so seriously. When it’s your 65th birthday, it’s common to retire that very day. This year one of the teachers at my … Continue reading

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Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a beautiful lakeside town in Austria. It’s pretty sleepy in winter, but no less beautiful. I imagine in summer the weather is gorgeous and the water is dotted … Continue reading

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Salzburg, Austria

I went to Salzburg hoping for snow and stunning fireworks, but alas, I got neither. But I did meet some really fun people and enjoyed spending time in such a … Continue reading

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Traveling Alone

When I tell someone I’m traveling alone, the reaction is either Aren’t you scared/lonely? (from people who never travel alone) or Good on ya, aren’t you having a blast? (from … Continue reading

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